signs Kelowna

  Sign Installations

We have a team of professional sign installers on staff who are certified, licensed and insured to do any type of installation from minor vinyl application to concrete pylon bases and underground wiring. We have a fleet of installation vehicles such as bucket trucks, a crane, a flat roof van and a variety of trailers. This includes two bucket trucks at 35' and 42' and crane truck. Our univan body on the Isuzu chassis is the fully stocked service vehicle. It carries all sizes of T-12 High output fluorescent lamps as well as magnetic/electronic ballasts, transformers, lamp sockets, and all the other service requirements components in electrical signs.

We can provide your company with a site survey of the potential location detailing all the measurements and construction methods of the installation. Some examples of our site surveys can be found below. Our experienced staff will also make you aware of any issues that could complicate an install to provide you with as much information as possible before construction of the sign.